About Me

Founded in July 2020 by a recent college graduate wanting to use her degree in Communication Studies to create a business selling fun stickers. With the help of Etsy and her trial-and-error social media marketing strategies, Liz created Ocean Wave Graphics and had a best-selling item within 2 months that could barely stay in stock.  
Liz has since shipped hundreds of orders for her online shop. She has created custom products for friends, family members, and local businesses who utilized her graphic design abilities. On weekends, you can usually catch her at local vendor or craft fairs in Southern New England.
Born and raised in MA, Liz works a full time Marketing job in the transportation industry and spends her "free time" designing, printing, and shipping orders for this small business. Hopefully one day she will be able to pursue this small operation full time with the support of family,
friends, and her loyal customers.
Looking to connect? Feel free to reach me on any of my social accounts linked below.

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